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Learn the Art of Good Customer Service


Learning the Art of Good Customer Service

BPO industries here in the Philippines are continuously growing. They are sprouting everywhere.

Actually, most of the ads in the job section these days, are mostly from a call center. So, if you’re thinking to start and give the call center life a try, below are some tricks to help you thrive in the call center industry, but if you’re already there, read on, it’s nice to get back to the basics.

Having experience as a call center agent,  BPO quality specialist and as a customer myself, I have come up with some bottom line “basics” on how you can provide a superb customer service experience,and achieve a smooth call flow during your shift, that may even earn you a commendation.

Let’s slice them up 🙂


Hmm,sounds basic right? But believe it or not, it can set the mood of your entire call.

A positive and cheery mood will most of the time rub off to your caller, even when he’s over the edge mad and frustrated.

To do this, try smiling when you deliver your opening spiel or think of something that cheers you up to set your tone. A cheerful greeting gives your caller a picture and feeling of pleasantry that will seem impossible to be exchanged with profanity and frustration, and he will feel that extra confidence too. So, as with everything, what you give is what you get.

Active Listening

The ability to hear and listen are two very different things and knowing the difference makes the difference. Call center agents are so familiar with this, I bet.

Of all guidelines taught to them, this will be the first to go on top of their heads. Hearing is just letting the customer talk without really engaging yourself in the conversation, Listening is obtaining information with interest of knowing the story and putting yourself in their shoes.

The ability to master listening skills can be the key towards a smooth and quick call most of the time (big win when it comes to AHT). The key to this is focus .

Listen to the client as if it were only two of you in the room personally conversing. Doing this will help you relate to their concern and feel their frustration, by picturing your self in their situation. You will get an idea of the best approach of communication to use especially if the resolution is opposite of what the caller is expecting to hear.

Apology / Empathy

By experience, I would personally say that expressing apology once or twice is better, than repeating it each time you hear their frustrations and inconveniences, given that it was expressed sincerely.

Too much can be a little irritating. Acknowledge their frustrations, apologize, then state what you can do. That, after all, is what they’re calling for.


This can be tricky, since it may not be the solution that the customer has in mind, but you have to stick with the processes. If this is the case, I suggest you weigh out options for alternatives. It helps to start out with “Here’s what I can do for you”.

It makes them feel you’re doing what you can to resolve their concern, and you should. If it calls for you to do a little more, like calling them back for an update, then do so. An extra mile will go a long way.


Make sure to finalize the call in a positive note. It’s like an act in a theater play. Most of the time, the audience will surely leave the theater feeling positive and satisfied if the act was finished with a happy ending.

Leave your customers with positivity, even if the resolution didn’t go as they planned. They will still have that feeling that they were listened to, cared for and valued.


So, there you go. Working in a call center is harder than what everybody imagines it to be.

Everyday is a new challenge, but along with it comes the opportunity to provide service, and regardless of how far your customers may be, or how long the call took, it is still up to you to make every call a positive experience for you and your caller.

A positive attitude goes a long way in everything, and it’s also a surefire way to help you thrive in the BPO industry. Customer service should always be good service – nothing less.


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