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The TED Conference Effect

The TED Effect

One of the tasks I had as a virtual assistant, is social media posts scheduling.

This introduced me to Hootesuite, a social media management tool that will let you schedule posts in advance. And it is also with this task that I came to learn about TED.

Now, this TED is not the teddy bear movie, mind you. It is a conference organized by a private group, that talks about a variety of mostly logical, social, and academic topics.

Now what does those 3 letters stand for? I used to wonder about that same question and according to Wikipedia, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, which very much defines the nature of their conferences.

Their talks are very positive and will really get you thinking and reflecting.

That being said, I would like to share to you my Top 3 TED talks, I actually have way more than that, but I’ll start you off with my best 3.

 I hope it leaves you with the same fascination and influence that it left me with.

Mass Influence – the habits of the highly influential – Teresa de Grosbois 

Teresa is the founder of the Evolutionary Business Council and Evolutionary Business Institute, an exclusive community of effective influencers, radio hosts, authors and thought leaders. She is also a speaker and a best selling author.

On her TED talk about mass influence, she recounts the early thoughts she had that drove her to become the influential person she is now.

She talked about the factors, that limits us to inspire positive influential change.

I find this to be engaging, because it talks about the constant inner conversation we all have within ourselves, and how it limits us to do great things.

Teresa also gave some insights on how we can overcome them to become an inspiration to others.

I particularly love her message. “It’s in the act of giving influence to another person that you become more influential.

How to speak so that people want to listen – Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure is a well – known international speaker. This talk has gained over 10M views, and he is also one of my favorites.

In “How to speak so that people want to listen“, he shared some tips on effective and powerful speaking, and some simple voice exercises. He also shared the 7 deadly sins of speaking.

These habits are namely gossip, judging, negativity, complaining, excuses, exaggeration and dogmatism or the confusion of facts and opinions. He also shared tips and points on how we can avoid these sins.

These “sins” are common habits that according to him, drives the people we talk to, to not listen to us as we speak.

His message gets me thinking on what a positively  different world we could be living in if we practice positive conversations.

  “What would the world be like, if we’re creating sounds consciously and we’re consuming sounds consciously, and designing our environment consciously for sound? That would be a world, that sounds beautiful and one where understanding would be the norm.”

That message definitely is worth spreading.

How to live before you die – Steve Jobs

Now this is not exactly a TED talk, but it is featured on the site’s Most Viewed section, because of its powerful and inspiring message.

I very much wanted to share this, as this speech covers every aspect of life, and it gets me teary eyed each time I watch it. You can tell Steve Jobs has his heart on this.

All of us knows Steve Jobs as the co – founder and CEO of Apple and Pixar. He passed away October 2011. This speech is  truly an inspiration especially for the young people.

How to live before you die”  is Steve’s commencement speech in Stanford University. You may find this talk lengthy, but it is worth every second.

Here, he recounted his early experiences and hardships, and how these experiences lead him to the decisions that made him the person he was.

” Trust your heart, follow your dreams and live life to the fullest” these are the message of Steve’s speech that are very powerfully and sincerely delivered.

I personally think, that no one else is more fitting to deliver his final message.

Stay hungry, stay foolish“. He lived it.


TED is one of the most influentially inspiring tool in the internet today that creates a positive impact.

With hundreds of symposium to choose from, it has become a tool of sharing messages that will provide a positive insight to its audience.

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