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5 Effective Rules When Working Home Based

5 Effective Rules to Follow When Working Homebased
5 Effective Rules to Follow When Working Home based

When you’re working home based, there’s a great chance that the people around you assumes that you have a relaxed, “work-when-you-want” scenario, which is definitely not the case.

When I started working as a virtual assistant late 2012, one of my biggest challenge, is to how to get myself, to spend more time in front of my computer every day.

With my clients growing and tasks are adding up, I saw the need to cultivate a habit, that will help me find time, for my home and my work.

I ended up with a list of rules for myself that I still use as a guide, and it effectively helped me thrive in what I do.

I’m going to share with you my non-negotiable rules, and I hope you will find it to be as effective as I did.

Rule # 1: Time management (scheduling)

An effective time delegation of your tasks will help you focus on things you need to prioritize and complete first. The best way is to make a list.

A list is your friend. I list all the things I need to complete the next day, every night before leaving my desk. Tip: Put the task that you find to be more challenging on top of your list.

It is a must that you discipline yourself and stick to your set schedule, as doing otherwise will leave you time constrained, and unfocused which will do serious damage to your productivity.

Rule #2: Avoid distractions

Avoid activities that will distract you from what you really need to do, examples of these activities are checking your Facebook page or trying to keep up with a television show, or indulging in a non-work related conversation.

These activities will take your attention away from what you initially set your mind into doing and leave you procrastinating.

You can do all this once you’re done, or during your break, which leads me to my next rule.

Rule # 3: Set a break and breathe

Know your limits, breathe or stretch to refresh yourself.

You can do this by allotting a few minutes, to do whatever relaxes and refreshes your mind. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to tackle a challenging task.

You will find it easier to focus and pick up where you left off when you get back.

Rule #4: Hire a help

For a mother like me, it’s a big thing if you have someone to do some chores for you, like watching over the kids, tidying up or doing the laundry.

Knowing the tasks, that snatches your time when you’re working, will give you a clear idea on where you may need help on, and getting one is definitely worth it.

Rule #5: Be professional

Professionalism should still be a part of everything you do, even in a home office set up. Look presentable and communicate professionally at all times.

Putting a little makeup on, when you’re doing an interview or call conference won’t hurt. It will send a message to your clients, that you may be working from home, but you mean business.


Working at home may be one of the best options to consider if you’re aiming for balance in your career and personal life.

And the best formula in successfully achieving a work – life balance is discipline, determination, hard work, and passion.

For it’s a blessing, to also have your work, where your home and your heart is.


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