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3 Habits of a Less Effective Virtual Assistant

3 Habits of a Less Effective Virtual Assistant

We all know the habits, that leads to success towards professional growth.

Habits like hard work, patience, dedication and focus, are surefire ways to achieve growth by promotion, or earn you a raise.

But how about the habits that leads to inefficiency, and drives you to be less effective?

For virtual assistants like me who works from home, the keys to success or the road to failure, are not different from conventional employees.

In fact, I think we are more susceptible to distractions, and more prone to resistance, of getting out from our comfort zone .

Having said that, what really are the habits we need to break away from, to achieve efficiency and effectiveness on what we do.

Here is my top 3 list of those habits, and tips on how to not let them get the best of of you.


Admit it, there are times as a virtual assistant, that you encounter tasks, that you find brain deadening. Tasks that you find less pleasurable to do, which you may tend to avoid doing, by passing the time and pushing it for later.

These tasks, I suggest are actually the ones that you should tackle first.

The thing is, I found out that when I start my work day, doing the task I find less pleasurable, it motivates me to invest more time to focus on them, and make sure I do them as efficiently as I can.

The end result is that, I get to manage my time more effectively, after conquering them. Completing them, also gives me a sense of fulfillment afterwards.


Your services as a virtual assistant, may have you focused on a particular niche, or specialization. But that doesn’t mean you stop there.

While it’s good that you stabilize yourself with the skills you have, you should never stop acquiring new skills and exploring ideas, on how you can become better on what you do.

That being said, having access to the internet most of the time, offers endless opportunities to learn new platforms, applications and procedures, that can open more doors of opportunities and experiences.

Just take the time to read, read, read and with the goal of upgrading yourself of the recent trends. It’s going to be worth it.


Work ethics matters, regardless if you’re working remotely or in a company. And for a virtual assistant, this is one good trait to build and define, your brand of service on.

A professional service sends out a message of value, for your clients’ time and trust, and it can define a make or break working relationship.

Having said that, sending timely communication responses, efficient delivery of your work output, professional communication skills and being enthusiastic, are a few traits of showing professionalism, that can earn you long term working relationship and repeated clients.


The road to failure and success may seem like a choice between travelling a smooth road, or a curved road less traveled.

The road to winning may be bumpy and bloody as you go along, as it entails the need to break away, from the things that gives you comfort and joy. But what you gain, at the end of your journey, makes it worth the sacrifice.

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