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Bouncing Back as a Virtual Assistant

Bouncing Back as a Virtual Assistant

Just like in any typical job, virtual assistants may also find the need to temporarily and unexpectedly  hang their gloves, for a variety of reasons, like a business closing down, temporary absence of assignments to work on, or just a temporary postponement of a client’s contract.

Here is where you’ll find that the old adage, “when a door closes, a window opens” proves to be true, for often,  the end of one road often leads to a new adventure, a new journey. And for a virtual assistant, it means new opportunities, new skills, and  believe it or not, a chance for growth.

Let me share with you some insights, on how this circumstance, can turn you into a better version of you.

Initiate self growth

Use  your freshly freed up time, to upgrade yourself, on additional skills you can learn. Check out relevant job listing sites, to get an idea on what skills other freelancers offer, and try to devote some time to dig deeper and learn about it.

It can be some skill, you’ve been wanting to try your hands on, like blogging or marketing or Excel functions, anything that picks your interest.

This way, you’re not just doing some self – upgrade, but also adds up to your credentials on what you can bring to the table, for your future clients.

Grab a book and read

Remember that self – improvement article you may have bookmarked, and saved for reading, when you get the time? Or the book you may have already started, but never got the chance to finish?

Or maybe, an e-book about a program or application, you may have downloaded from Kindle, that’s been sitting on your device for quite some time now.Why not use some of your extra time, to start on it or just pick up where you left off?

Taking the time to read will not only enrich your mind with information, but will also equip you, with greater knowledge and ideas, that can lead to future and unexplored opportunities.

Self – assessment

Your objective of self – assessment, is for you to identify and maximize your strengths, and improve on the areas you think, you could still grow on.

You may have been wanting to research on methods, applications or programs, to solve the challenges have encountered, on jobs you have worked on in the past.

Are there any particular tasks that gets you excited? And in the same way, what skills do you think, you need more time and strategy, to focus and improve on?

This is the perfect time to ask yourself these questions,  to identify and address your limitations, and how you can overcome them using the resources you have, at the same time, further enhance your strengths, and get them to work to your advantage.

Keep looking and explore

Start fresh and never get tired searching. Continue marketing yourself and what you can do, by sending out bids and applications, for new opportunities.

There are a lot of businesses and individuals out there, searching for the services you can provide, and technology has made it easier and more convenient for us to land on a job.

Explore platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and PeoplePerHour,  to name a few for relevant job listings.

What’s next?

Keeping your career afloat as a virtual assistant also takes time, patience, faith and determination as with everything else.

These values along with your valuable skills, will lead you to endless opportunities, and nail your place with guaranteed success, in the now competitive world of virtual assisting.

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