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3 Ways An Ended Contract Is An Advantage For A Virtual Assistant


3 Ways An Ended Contract Is An Advantage For A Virtual Assistant

“Your contract has ended” or “This contract has been paused”, are messages a virtual assistant dreads.

I bet the first thought upon seeing the message is “what’s next?”.

Yep, what’s next indeed.

What’s your next course of action? Do you jump back to the pail immediately and bid for other projects? do you take your time, or will you consider this as a “divine sign” to consider a career change?

Before you hang your gloves from being a virtual assistant, allow me to share some ideas that may help you turn this event around, to work to your advantage.

Learn a new skill

If you feel you’re not ready to start working again just yet, take this opportunity to re-fuel your money-making skills, by growing your knowledge on other skills and services, that freelancers like you are offering, that you have not yet possessed.

Take a hint by visiting freelancing platforms, like Upwork and Browse to get an idea of  the kind of services that you can add up to your skillset.

There are lots of how-to videos and articles online, that you can utilize to learn a new skill or online application, that can help you achieve a more rewarding career when you decide to get back on the VA track.

Assess your workflow

This can also be a perfect time to find ways, on how you can further improve your working habits. It can be your workflow, workplace, or organizational skills.

Small changes can make a big difference in cultivating a more effective and productive working habits, like decluttering your workplace, clearing out old messages from your email, or compiling notes and/or ideas that you have written down from your previous projects, for future reference.

Changes like this can improve focus, and make you more passionate on the tasks that you will do in the future.

Know your passion

As Aristotle said, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”

Finding pleasure in what you do, will fuel you with the drive and focus that you need, to deliver top of the line results in completing future projects, and find fulfillment in doing it.

Also, you get to assess the kind of tasks that you enjoy doing more and devote more time learning ways on how you can tackle the tasks that you find challenging.

This provides you more time, to conquer a learning curve and a clearer vision of the future projects that will get you excited to bid on.


So you see, an ended contract doesn’t mean an ended career for a virtual assistant.

Consider it as an opportunity to look back and assess the big picture, on how else you can be better on what you do.

Once you have seen it and worked on it, you’ll know that it’s time to sit back on your workplace, start bidding and remember why you love being a virtual assistant  🙂


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